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Equity Property Group are pleased to announce an open opportunity for all Companies who are interested in becoming our Affiliate and generate more business through “word of mouth referrals” for all parties involved.

At Equity Property Group we pride ourselves on doing the “right thing” by our clients. We work exclusively on our clients behalf by educating and training them exactly how to buy property at true wholesale prices and pocket the equity immediately, allowing them to continue building their property portfolio no matter if the market is going up, down or sideways.

Apart from teaching your clients how to safely buy property with immediate equity; the two biggest differences that set us apart from the rest of the property industry are the following:

- We don’t sell or promote property through this program; And
- We don’t get paid commissions from developers or vendors


1. Equity Property Group specialize in finding properties at Wholesale prices for your clients. We source and acquire properties with anywhere between $30,000 and $70,000 in instant equity upon settlement.

2. By teaming together and working with our partners in promoting our unique system to their clients; we create a win-win situation for all parties involved. Promotions include email send-outs to our partners’ database and print media. Mention on Partners website.

3. Clients are invited to view our online video tutorials that explain more about our unique system and processes. There is no high pressure or unwanted client engagement. Your client decides from the presentation whether they would like to find out more, and request further contact.

4. Our Partner’s clients engage in Equity Property Group’s services through being referred to by our Partner Affiliates.

5. As a result, our Partner Affiliates benefit in numerous ways.


Company Partner:

Mortgage Broker.


Sent out an email to their clients informing them of our unique system that allows them to buy properties with between $30,000 and $70,000 instant equity upon settlement.


a) 18 sales in 2 months. $20,000 in commissions paid to Partner for executing a simple email campaign to their database. No Selling was required on their part!

b) This campaign also created 18 new mortgage applications for their business. Simply a Win-Win for all.

c) Upon receiving the email sent by the Partner’s ‘Company’, clients in their database that didn’t think about investing in property at that particular time became motivated to purchase and the ‘Company’ was used for the mortgage loans.

d) The ‘Company’s’ clients are now able to use the equity created from their initial investment with Equity Now and roll it into a second property right away, which means they will use the same mortgage brokers to facilitate their second loan.