Our Property Investment Services

Two Different Avenues For You To Participate

The First is a DIY Program where we teach you everything you need to know to be able to apply the wholesale buying strategies yourself :

Equity Now Offers a Very Unique Range Of Property Investment Services & Programs For The More Sophisticated Investor.

Our system revolves around ongoing property market research and strategy development delivered through our proprietary Equity Now program which delivers investors proven strategies to research, identify and purchase investment property at true wholesale prices.

The Equity Now process allows our clients to gain immediate equity with each investment property form day one of between $30,000 and up to $70,000.

Equity Now offers a number of ways to work with us:
The First is a DIY Program where we teach you everything you need to know to be able to apply the wholesale buying strategies yourself.

1. DIY Two-Day Intensive ‘Equity Now’ Workshop
We run a TwoDay intensive Equity Now Workshop at various times and locations throughout the year. Over the two days we cover absolutely everything you need to know about the property investment industry. By the end of the days you will have the knowledge and skill of a professional investor and the confidence to safely invest and purchase property at true wholesale prices.

Should you wish to continue working with us after the workshop the information you received over the day will give you a complete understand our process and system so you’ll feel completely confident in knowing you’re on the right path to financial success.

Please check with our office for an update of Dates and Locations for upcoming workshops.
(Equity Now Workshop Course Outline and Registration Form can be found at the back of this Report)

The second Option is to become a:

2. Equity Now ‘Inner Circle’ Membership
This is the ultimate Done-For-You program where we do all the work for you and simply hand you the wholesale purchase opportunities for you to decide if you would like to participate in the deal.
Each opportunity is thoroughly identified, researched, negotiated and valued on presentation so you know exactly what the upside and equity is in each deal before you decide to proceed.

Remember: We are constantly scouring the country with our national research team identifying new opportunities for our corporate clients (and now individual clients). As a result we are able to negotiate the best deals through exceptional insider knowledge and the benefit of group purchasing power.

PLEASE NOTE: to receive Wholesale Property Investment Opportunities where you can pocket between $30,000 to $70,000 in instant equity you must of either attended our Two Day Workshop or be a Equity Now Inner Circle Member.
Here’s what’s included in both the ‘Equity Now’ DIY and Done-For-Your Programs…

Property Investment Syndicate Opportunities

Equity Now regularly groups members together to participate in Property Syndicates for small property developments. In this situation our members remove the need for a property developer and receive the development profit for immediate equity.

Investment Property Buyers Agent Service

We purchase properties on behalf of our members all over Australia ensuring we negotiate the very best price and maximize your equity position from day one./p>

Property Investment Market Research

We subscribe to and continually monitor a vast amount of different industry publications and research companies. It allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of the property market on a national basis. We distill this information and deliver it to you as required so you’ll never miss a profitable opportunity

Ongoing Education Webinars

From our panel of property industry experts and advisors we conduct monthly webinars on all topics related to our unique property industry insider wholesale strategies.