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Do you qualify to become a successful Property Investor?

SET A:Mindset Questions - True Wealth Begins With the Right Thought Processes

Do you want more from life?

Do you want to be independently Wealthy?

Are you unsure about how to achieve these goals?

Do you feel "stuck" or that your "wheels are spinning" or that you're going nowhere?

Are you open to new ideas and skills to build wealth?

Do you believe you deserve to be wealthy?

SET B : The Numbers Questions - The Math's Must Work in Your Favour

Do you have a stable job and income?

Do you have equity in your family home or access to equity in another property that you can draw on?

Do you already own an investment property but are going "nowhere" financially?

Do you have cash flow per week to put to work on an investment (even, say, $100)?

Do you have a good "credit history rating"?

SET C: The Experience Questions - Where Do You 'Fit' on The Experience Scale?

Do you understand negative gearing?

Do you understand "cash flow" positive investments?

Have you or do you currently own an investment property?

Do you understand that working for money is vastly different to having money work for you?

Are you aware that there are many taxation benefits available to property investors?

Are you prepared to listen to and act on advice?

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