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Meet some of the types of people that rely on us to help them to buy property at wholesale prices and build a portfolio and take control of their financial security without having to rely on normal real estate market movements.

Why? Because you need,what can be a time-consuming and complicated process, made simple,easy and painless… so you can finally achieve your dream: paying off the mortgage and safeguarding your financial future.

Most Mums and Dads these days barely have time to live their lives, let alone take time off to do in depth market research, shop around from bank to bank sorting finance, consult with solicitors, account ants and government bureaucracy.

There’s work, running the kids to sport and music, supporting school and local clubs… fitting in family gatherings, helping parents and siblings, overtime, special projects, household chores and maintenance, shopping… most just crash come Friday before the weekend rush starts!

Leisure time? No chance!

Who then has time left over to think about investing? Not many. Who has the energy to drive around hunting for that bargain? I have found very few.

I mean, no one wants to be sold a lemon…every one is right fully cautious about handing over their hard-earned cash…but many Mums and Dads also realise the plain common sense in this day and age of planning for the kids’ future.

It’s not a lack of desire,or even a lack of knowledge that holds many back… it’s simply a matter of time. Time to think. Time to plan and the time to do the research required. Time to do the necessary due diligence and homework. Time to KNOW. Time to have confidence that the right decision has been made.

This is where the“Equity Now”program come in. Their “insider knowledge” and experience takes the stress and worry away from Mums and Dads as you embark on what you know should bed one to secure your future. The system provides the hand holding assurance that cuts the time taken to invest with confidence in half! Simple. Easy. Efficient.

Pays off your mortgage and secures your future. Just imagine how that will feel.

Why? Because you’re sick of giving away such a large slice of your hard earned income two to the taxman!

Your skills and hardwork are rewarded appropriately and you’ve decided to build wealth through a forced saving that legally minimises your tax.

Using the Equity Now program saves you time you don’t have and does all the leg work for you.
It really is the win-win you’re seeking providing you with security and leverage, and keeping more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket, where it belongs.

Why? Because you’re never too old or too clever to learn. And because you’ve got so much on the go, you’re busy making money that a “done for you” style arrangement is just perfect for your next project.

Even if you’ve bought and sold numerous properties in the past, teaming with “Equity Now” can take you to the next level. With very little effort and time on your part.

Consider the time and effort you go to in the researching, costing and due diligence phases of any project. At the end of the day for all the hours, days, weeks and sometimes months you spend on your money-making projects, is the Return on Investment (ROI) all you thought it would be… every time?

As a pro in the investing game you are always looking for the next project and that “what’s next” question is always bubbling away in your mind.

With the “Equity Now” system, you know what you’re up for, in terms of time and effort, you know you’re not “flying solo” with this one. Imagine while this one is under way the freedom you’ll have to put your mind to the “what’s next” question…your mind will just bubble away as it’s not cluttered with all the details as the “Equity Now” system is taking care of it all. Happy days!!!

Why? Because another income stream will add so much to your lifestyle and besides, you’ve earned it!

You’ve paid taxes all your life, you’re self sufficient, haven’t relied on the government or anybody else to take care of you and you’re not about to start now. You’ve also put the hard yards in over a very successful career and you wouldn’t mind a little “boost”.

Another income source will give you just that little extra peace of mind in these uncertain times. And you KNOW there is security in property. However you’re not about to start “work” again, your time is precious and you’re not about to swap your social and recreational lifestyle rewards for another J-O-B.

With the “Equity Now” system you’ll be drawing on the expertise of proven investors with a simple and easy to follow success formula. Your time will be yours, your future will be secure and you’ll have plenty more to talk about with family and friends over that next cuppa!

Why? Because you understand the power of multiple sources of income.
You’ve worked darn hard building your enterprise. You’ve taken the risks, laid it all on the line and now it’s time to reap the rewards. Safely.

The only problem is you probably don’t have the time to do it – properly – and you sure as heck aren’t going to risk anything with a stab in the dark investment or some wild ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

Broadening your asset base and setting the family up for when you want to move on should be and can be a painless and fast process with “Equity Now”. You won’t be spending hours pouring over the Saturday morning property guide or rolling your eyes at the spiel of a Real Estate Buyers Agent. Let’s face it; you have neither the time nor inclination for this.

Problem solved! The “Equity Now” system allows you to be either as active or as passive a partner as you choose in securing your future and reaping the rewards you deserve.

Why? Because when you’re doing it for the first time you don’t know about
The pitfalls, roadblocks and out and out crooks and shonks ready to part you from your money!
Let’s face it. Doing anything for the first time is often difficult. Sure it’s fun but it can also be daunting and frustrating and the only way to learn is through trial and error.

In this game the “error” part can lead you to the pain and embarrassment of losing money, your hard-earned money. That’s why first time investors turn to Equity Property Group and the ‘Equity Now’ program.

There is nothing more re-assuring than a shoulder to lean on when you are unsure. Expert advice is just a phone call away. Security is at hand. Whenever you need it. No trial. No error, just professional advice suited to your profile.

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